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Vital Soft will ensure the most efficient web presence for your company by implementing the following success factors:
    Attractive design - we build sites that a visually stimulating to the eye; as a proof comes the fact that all the sites we have built in the last year have been awarded The Golden Web Award
    Fast loading speed - we optimize each site to the maximum so as to offer everyone a comfortable browsing irrespective of his connection to the Internet
    Powerful communication - we just know how to combine colors, images and words in order to achieve the biggest impact on the person that comes in contact with your site
    Easy navigation - we structure information in such a way as to make the visitor's journey through your site's sections and pages as easy as it can possibly be
    Promotion - we suggest, plan and carry out a whole range of online and offline promotional measures as a result of which more and more people will come to your site
    Dynamic in nature - we offer content management systems that will give you direct real-time control over the information that is to be displayed in your site
    Advanced functionality - we make the visitor's life more easy by providing for him a number of advanced features such as: searching motors, shopping carts etc.
At the moment the Internet is being used as a source of information by 3 million Romanians, the number increasing rapidly. The question we would like to ask you right now is: Can you afford to ignore this growing market segment?
The most cheap way of promoting the image of a company, of offering a wealth of up-to-date information about the products and the services you offer is achieved nowadays by the means of virtual shops. And the good news is that a virtual shop is no longer in the reach of only big companies. With Vital Soft you can use it, too, the price being more than reasonable.
Contact us right now for a free consultation:
mobile: 0723 812 765